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ECF all'International Transport Forum

ECF wants to see cycling taken seriously when the 52 OECD member countries convene at the International Transport Forum (ITF) in May 2011 (25th to the 27th), with ECF president Manfred Neun taking part in the official program.

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Di un certo interesse anche un recente numero della Newslatter ECF, con la interessante apertura
" La pensione ai dinosauri avrebbe evitato la loro estinzione?":

Would a pension for dinosaurs have prevented their extinction?
Car industry receives massive injection of tax money – neglecting real and existing E-mobility alternatives

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With the recent hype surrounding electric mobility, it is often forgotten that the bicycle industry already has a proven and economically viable solution. German Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s decision yesterday to subsidize the emerging Electric Car (E-car) industry is a step in the wrong direction.
The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) sees the sustainable transport system of the future lying with bicycles and Electric bicycles (E-bicycles) for individual mobility needs in urban areas and with public transport for longer distances.  ECF will be going to the week to underline the fundamental role both bicycles and public transport have to play in the search for more sustainable transport solutions.

At the upcoming International Transport Forum in Leipzig next week May 25-27, Manfred Neun, President of ECF and Dr. Bernhard Ensink, ECF Secretary General will be putting cycling - with or without the ‘E’ - on the global transport agenda.
The ITF conference will focus on “Transport for Society” and sees Ministers of Transport from 53 countries attending.
The ECF aims to have these Ministers recognise and incorporate bicycles more prominently into their national transport systems. Bicycles should be given as much, if not more, attention than the car industry is receiving at present.

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About ECF

The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), representing 500.000 active members in almost 40 countries, views cycling as integral to tackling the negative social, health and environmental impacts arising from current dominant transportation patterns. As well as advocating for better cycling policies at the EU level, ECF has a range of programs including the trans-European EuroVelo route network, the academic network ‘Scientists for cycling’, the “Cities for Cyclists” network and the Presto Project.
It also organises the annual international cycling planning conference series named Velo-city.

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