domenica 7 giugno 2009

A volte far parte di una schiera di rompiscatole cicloattivisti può portare anche qualche piccolo vantaggio. In questo caso la chiave è la nostra federazione europea ECF, a cui aderiamo tramite la Fiab.

Per es. è possibile acquistare a 395 invece di 620 euro l'edizione speciale della bici pieghevole della nota marca Dahon realizzata in occasione del VeloCity di Bruxelles. Clicca sull'immagine per averne qualche ragguaglio in più

Seconda opportunità: partecipare al Tour sul Danubio in bicicletta (23-27 giugno)  quasi a costo zero, con ancora alcuni posti disponibili da Bucarest a Belgrado. Il tour è una attività promozionale finanziata dalla EU e quindi gratuito tranne il viaggio per e da Bucarest. Qualcuno dei nostri soci ne potrebbe approfittarne. Anche qui maggiori ragguagli nel messaggio sottoriportato oppure vedi qui dal sito Fiab.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: ECF Member Offices <>
Date: Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 11:08 AM
Subject: Danube by Bike Tour 2009

Dear ECF Members,

We are writing you to help us actively find participants for the Danube by Bike Tour 2009. This project, in which ECF is partner, is organized by Media Consulta on behalf of the EU Directorate- General for Enlargement to celebrate the Eastern EU Enlargement.

Please find below some general information

• Tour will be held on 23 June – 27 June
• Route 1 will be from Budapest to Belgrade
• Route 2 will be from Bucharest to Belgrade
• Basic food and accommodation is covered free of charge
• Travel cost to the start and from the end of the Tour is not covered
• Accommodation and food costs are only covered from morning of 23 June – morning 28 June

As part of your support for this promotion in your country and organisation, we would kindly ask you to put the following announcement on your website and connect this message to the website link of the ECF website. You might also publish it in newsletters and magazines. In addition it would be highly appreciated if you could do some active recruiting. We will be able to reimburse your costs up to € 250.

Registrations for the tour can be done on website.

Kind regards,

on behalf of Frans Van Schoot
ECF Danube by Bike Project Manager


The ECF is working as a partner of the European Commission Directorate - General for Enlargement, to organise the Danube by Bike Tour 2009.

This bike tour will follow the River Danube and it will take place from 23 June to 27 June 2009. Participation and accommodation is free and the Tour is open to every cycle enthusiast over the age of 12.

Participants of the Tour will be able to choose between two different routes. One group will start in Budapest, Hungary following the famous Danube-Drava National Park. After crossing the border to Croatia, riders will be given the opportunity to relax and unwind being entertained at an event in Vukovar. The Tour will then make its way from Croatia to Backa Palanka and Novi Sad in Serbia, before making its final journey to Belgrade, Serbia.

The second group will travel from Bucharest via Bechet to Orjahovo, crossing the Romanian-Bulgarian border. In Bulgaria, they will cycle to the beautiful city Vidin, where they will celebrate with the local population a special event. The route will pass the impressive Iron Gate which connects Romania and Serbia, before finally heading to Belgrade.

On 27 June the two groups will come together to celebrate the end of the Tour in a public event in the heart of Serbia’s capital Belgrade at the famous Kalemegdan Park.

The Danube by Bike Tour 2009 is an opportunity to bring people from all over Europe together and encourage integration and dialogue between them, whilst raising awareness of the rich cultural heritage of Southeast Europe. The River Danube is often referred to as the “Queen of European Rivers” and is a strong symbol for Europe and its diversity of cultures and nations. The Tour reinforces the importance of taking joined action to protect the unique Danube eco-system. The Danube by Bike Tour is open to everyone who likes cycling, cares about the environment and wants to make new friends throughout Europe.

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